Health, Safety, Security & Environmental


Talus Group recognises it’s moral and legal responsibility to provide a healthy and safe work environment for employees, sub-contractors, clients, vendors and visitors at any Talus Group workplace and work sites. The safety and welfare of our people is of the utmost importance to us where we are determined to operate our business activities that result in zero harm to all.

Talus Group works towards achieving zero harm by integrating health and safety management into every aspect of operations as a priority function of the business. This is accomplished through substituting, controlling, identifying and applying control measures by any means necessary to prevent injuries or harm. Consistent inspections and audits of the work site in conjunction with the education given to our employees and sub-contractors is what grants us the edge over our competitors.


The safety and welfare of our people is of utmost importance to us. The physical security of our staff, sub-contractors, related parties and their property is a priority to Talus Group. We work closely with our clients to ensure adequate security of all persons and their property is achieved on every site


Talus Group is committed to protecting the environment. Our managers and supervisors are constantly reminded of their accountability to the environmental impacts in which Talus Group operations may have. We are committed to ensuring our operations are conducted in a manner that prevents pollution, preserves natural resources and conserves the sites heritage. We are focused on pursuing our corporate responsibility to minimise impact to land, water, air, flora and fauna.

Talus Group minimises these impacts through environmental aspect assessments when purchasing or using premises, plant, equipment, vehicles, substances and systems of works.

Furthermore we are committed to communicate our policy to employees, sub-contractors and all other related stakeholders. We are committed to respond to the daily environmental challenges in every aspect of our business.

Safety First Always

Our advanced risk management methodology has given us a strong foundation on which to build a reputation of superior safety, responsibility and overall service quality. Our commitment to this methodology is our promise to every client.

Total Solution Committed to Protecting the Environment

We constantly remind employees and sub-contractors of their environmental obligations through induction programs, education and training. Our managers and supervisors are constantly reminded of their accountability on the environment. Therefore, performing regular reviews and assessments of processes, procedures, objectives and environmental impacts of our operations assist in ensuring that we comply with ISO 14001.